Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Uk Election (2)

So ... a Cam-Clegg coalition. I have to admit I am resigned to this being probably the only practical solution to the organisation of a government, other than going back to the country again without guarantee of a satisfactory result.

It became clear - as the days since the election wore on - that a Lab-Lib coalition would not work, particularly in that those two parties by themselves could not gain a majority in the Commons. But, despite my reservations, the start of the Con-Lib pact has been good. It remains to be seen how it all works out in practise given that hardly any of the cabinet will have had previous government experience, and that the Tory cost-cutting plans were against the Liberal ethic.

And there's the matter of them agreeing to remove income tax up to £10k. How that's going to be paid for in a time of cuts remains to be seen!

Let's give it six months at least before we find fault with policy. This one has to be given a chance.

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