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A Pause Amidst The Hurley-Burley

Dear Reader,

As the referendum re-run petition comes close to 4 million signatures, I thought it timely to re-cap a little after these mad last few days.

The petition has really been triggered because those with the most working years left have been left high and dry in the vote – and to a large extent by the very people who voted ‘in’ in 1975.

In other words, those who voted ‘in’ in 1975 (when two thirds of the country voted ‘in’) have decided to become independent after the UK has become non-independent by virtue of selling off its crown jewels and (over the years) becoming deeply ingrained with Europe: the academic inter-action and security being two prime examples, as well as privileged trading conditions within the EU. We once advertised to investors: "Come here and be part of the EU". So, investors did come, but now we choose to turn our backs on them.

Of course those who voted in ’75 must think it to have been a mistake, otherwise they wouldn’t have voted that way, would …