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Discriminating In Order To Stop Discrimination

Dear Reader,

The quite unnecessary treatment and particularly the killing of George Floyd has opened up a lot of wounds, heightened - no doubt - by the frustrations resulting from the imposition of lockdown due to the virus.

It has highlighted an on-going issue that we have been fully aware of for quite some time - the extreme treatment of blacks by the police in the USA in particular, including many other occasions when the unnecessary killing of blacks by the police has taken place in the USA.

And, of course, we in the UK are not without blame either. In fact, sometimes I wonder whether much has changed since I was a community worker in Brixton (London) in the 1970s, when the area was virtually a black ghetto, and where things sometimes got well out of hand. And in South Africa, Apartheid still ruled and it was the time of the Steve Biko affair - again a matter of a police force deciding that they had the right to determine whether a man lived or died.
While I was at Brixton, I worked v…