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A Universal Direction

Dear Reader,

My usual article reflects on some aspect of the world's problems, and their causes. But to me the root cause is that within our own individual selves. After all, what is a society except a collection of individuals, and if their collective behaviour is not "civilised" then the root cause to that might be found in the character of each individual of that society, particularly in its leaders.

Sheakespeare, in Measure for Measure, illicits this sentiment:
Heaven doth with us as we with torches do, Not light them for themselves; for if our virtues Did not go forth of us, 'twere all alike As if we had them not.Whether we like it or not, a higher morality of some form must be brought to our attention for us to live in brightness, not darkness, otherwise we become in danger of becoming animal-like.

The beauty is that many in these past few decades have rejected religion yet then go out and form their own 'way' which in itself becomes a religion when imposed…