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Cost Cutting Apparently Makes Money - for some!

Today I'm a bit down with a chest infection, but at least (I thought) you cannot hear my barking coughs, so I decided to continue with a small piece for this week!

The latest piece of 'wonder' news from the government is that they're appointing someone special to oversee cost-cutting in the NHS. Apparently a person so special that when he was head of BP he cut their services so massively that standards and safety issues (it is reported) went by the board. It would appear to be his legacy of management that effectively caused the BP oil-spill situation which the U.S. is so bitterly complaining about - and justifiably so.

So ... with my throat being sore I leave that message of warning with you. I rather wish that my throat had become sore by voicing loudly this issue at Hyde Park Corner, but there we are!