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COVID-19 Is An Opportunity!

Dear Reader,Well, I'm sure you would take precautions if you knew some weather catastrophe was heading your way, so why do we not take the necessary action concerning the big issues that are facing man's collective home, Mother Earth?Let's look at a diagram derived from this link: This chart is based on 2018 figures. How much more do we need to be told to know that we're overdoing it? Even this household (2 people), that consumes very little livestock (1 person is even vegetarian), uses the car very little and uses electricity that is 100% green, is overusing the Earth's resources according to the link I've provided above!And yet, even amidst the COVID crisis, people thought that it was imperative to get away, abroad somewhere, for a sun-tanned break. Why? Partly because the government felt pressured to get the economy working to bring in needed cash. The government, of course, is committed to strengthening an outdated economic system, so it has to behave in a s…

There Is More Than One Way To Conquer A Toothache

Dear Reader,Well, it seems like such a huge challenge doesn't it? This COVID-thing I mean. I accept that challenge, but for me it's one that has a solution. The problem lies - as I see it - in mankind coming to finally accepting that we're not going in the right direction in respect of our expectations. We have allowed ourselves to follow one way of thinking for too long: the attitude that says that economics (as we have been taught and brought up with) is the basis for success - both personally and for the nation and for the world. We have somehow developed the notion that how we get to achieve that success does not really matter. Worse, that the economic end is the only tangible thing we're supposed to achieve in our lives.An example is how gambling has become an accepted legitimate industry of its own, and on a big scale. Well, they say, it provides jobs, doesn't it? Of course, there is not just the everyday gambling we see clearly but also the way that gambling…