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"Right ... Let's Buy Some Water Cannon..." (Cameron)

Well, the matter is clear.  I think most of us in the UK were anticipating a coalition of some kind, but the Tories instead have an overall 15-seat majority (with the IRA not being present in Parliament).

People are asking "what happened at the last minute?" Well, I suspect that the fear and smear campaign that was perpetrated by the Tories had its desired effect. Enough people were basically scared into voting blue as they were afraid that Cameron might be right - and neither did they trust the other party leaders. "They" meaning non-Scotland voters as the Scots were clearly happy with their leader!

Max Hastings (in the Daily Mail) said words to the effect: "Thank God for the good sense of the British people". Well, I am sure "good sense" didn't come into the equation in the way he meant! Apart from that, the Mail had a good gloat about the result. Well, let them.

The fact is that if Proportional Representation had been in effect, the Tori…