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The Choice is ... Choice. But of Trump's Version?

Dear Reader,

Strange isn't it? Here we are being told on one hand that we must focus on Brexit and get that out of the way by forcing a no-deal form of the exit, while (probably) a majority don't want a 'no deal' and are unlikely to be given a choice about it. In fact there's a strong argument that the 2016 referendum also assumed that 'exit' meant with a deal, and not no-deal, in which case a no-deal exit would be quite contrary to democracy and the concept of choice (which is what people thought they were being given).

On top of that I would think that very few of the 'no-deal exit' voting fraternity have thought properly of the quite real ramifications - e.g. that a US trade agreement would give us less trade than we currently have with the EU, added to the likely situation that the UK would then be importing food products that do not pass our current stringent quality tests. Trump doesn't have to be clever to realise that Boris is just the PM …