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Seeing A Fusion Of Light And Dark

Dear Reader,

I have to be honest and say the following essay is a crib. It was mailed to me from Humanity's Team, but I wanted to share this with you, linking - as it does in a transcendental way - with my post of last week:

You’re probably familiar with the ways imagery of Light has been used throughout recorded history to explain spiritual concepts. We’re told things like, “Let your light shine before humankind,” and “Light doesn’t attack darkness; it shines it away.” And while these metaphors can be critically important for our initial understanding of the ways of Spirit, they can also be limiting when used exclusively to describe the spiritual experience of being human. With that in mind, and with the current unfolding of the global Black Lives Matter movement, I believe the time has come to more fully explore the “Divinity of Darkness.” Oneness means there is no separation. Each person of every color and all colors of life are fully Divine. In spite of this truth, …