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Life Can Be Wonderful, If...

Dear Reader,

In recent decades we have heard a good deal about the mantra "you are what you eat". And I would think that a majority of people in the west now take at least some note of that and actually apply the doctrine in everyday life. However, we all like to have a periodic 'day off' from what many see as being a boring path to a healthy lifestyle.

The tragedy is that western eating and sedentary habits have been replicated in eastern countries too over the last few decades and yet it was they that had a better wisdom towards diet! They also are now having to think again.

And in this video of a delightful dialogue between an eminent cardiac surgeon and Sadhguru my feeling is that the argument for a healthy lifestyle (exercise as well as diet) comes over well. And one particular matter took my interest in that Sadhguru referred to the dangers of looking forward to a retired life, arguing that without the challenge of something like a working life, people can stagnat…