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Which Devil Do You Want?

Dear Reader,

I do not really like to be embroiled in the squabbling that takes place around election time. You see far too many rattling all kinds of rattles to gain attention. But the production this week by the Labour Party of hard proof of negotiations - and the flavour of them - with the US, does cause me to pause and want to take stock of just where Brexit might lead us.

Nothing ever stays the same - and we should not expect it to - but though the EU has its own set of issues that need dealing with, at least those member countries are much closer to home and we know them well from old. It's the proverbial case, as I see it, of staying with the devil you know rather than move closer to the unquantifiable devil (the US) that has enormous clout and would certainly dominate so-called trade "negotiations".

One problem is that they speak English - though people say that's an advantage. Unfortunately, American-speak is quite a different variety of language when spoken at …