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What Kind Of UK Do We Really Want?

Dear Reader,

While I know there are some very decent persons in the Tory ranks, there is an underlying misapprehension by the Tory movement: ignorance of the fact that a true civilisation is measured by how well we look after our weakest and most vulnerable members. Gandhi pointed that out, and it's a feature of most spiritual philosophy.

The Tory approach is essentially to do with balancing the books according to business methodology, and in a way that overrides the values of a true civilisation stated in the opening para, above. Yes, of course, Economics and Accounting methods matter, but do the Tories in any way try to fulfil the meaning of the parable of the Good Samaritan? 

My feeling is that the members of the Tory Party - with perhaps a handful of exceptions - do not have first-hand experience of what it is to live at the bottom of the economic scale, and - further - do not understand how it is to be treated without respect. In Friday night's QandA on the BBC, Theresa May …