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432Hz Sounds Good To Me!

Dear Reader,

Last week I talked awhile on the topic of the magic of water, and this week it is the turn of sound.

This article about music caught my attention some time ago. It was then of some interest to me, but other topics took over my daily activity. And at that time the notion that the topic might be related to spiritual matters did not fully occur to me. But when I lately saw an article on the 'Hindu'/Buddhist AUM mantra, I woke up. 

It would appear that when the AUM mantra is properly chanted, the frequency of the vibrations is measured at 432Hz, the level referred to as being harmonious in the stated article (above), and which is also said to be the harmonic vibrational frequency of everything in the universe. 
A second scientific foundation for the mantra's benefits concerns brain research conducted by various scientists, the findings of which were very interesting. It would seem that in response to time-frequency analysis, irregular waveforms were identified which i…