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Caring Can Be Deadly...

Dear Reader,

My apologies for no article last week: an insect took a severe dislike to my foot and managed to put me out of action for a few days!
There so many matters of concern to address, but I'm initially focusing this week on the environment, a matter over which many people (at least 908) have been killed over the last decade, says this site. That website also says that 913 journalists have been killed over the same period - in many locations, world-wide.

The expression of free-thinking is being repressed in a big way, but evil will never win over truth. Of that I am confident.

If those figures are not alarming enough, the Guardianstates "air pollution led to more than 5.5 million premature deaths in 2013". Not hundreds, but millions, of people.

All this is in the context of the world's governments permanently trying to push on for economic growth, ignoring the possibility of (a) that growth can be seen to be causing an undue amount of harm and distress, particularly…