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Carpe Diem!

Dear Reader,

One very kind correspondent and friend this week sent me a video on the topic of carpe diem - to seize the moment. One particular phrase in it rather stuck out for me. This was:

Yesterday is history - tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift: it is a present!
I would - in a mystical fashion - add:

Today is also pre-sent!
The whole idea of the present being so important is an essential theme within all the great religious philosophies, particularly in the Indian-sourced religions: Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, but can be found in others too, such as Zoroastrianism and Taoism.
Strangely enough, Christianity and Islam are fairly quiet on the topic - they rely more on scripture rather than philosophy - but the inference is still there.
To put it another way: "what's the use of worrying, you know it ain't worthwhile..."  as the poor Tommies sang on the way to the Western Front over 100 years ago.
And, another homespun bit of philosophy: "you can't change what…