Sunday, 26 August 2018

Picking Bones and Turning Stones...

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To me, it is a curious condition that we seem to accept that civilised life started less than 7,000 years ago. It is also a curious condition to my mind that we westerners mostly think that the pure teachings of Jesus had not been heard before.

I am constantly learning something new about man's history, and the other day I obtained a history of Britain by its most acclaimed historian: G. M. Trevelyan. In some early pages of this well-written book are references to early people of Britain called 'Iberians'. Now this name (Iberian) hit me like a thunderbolt; Iberia to me has always been the Spanish and Portuguese peninsula, so what on earth would 'Iberians' be doing in Britain?

I donned my research 'hat' once more. I learnt that these peoples (the Iberians) were the same that created Stonehenge and were the main body of people in these islands until the Celts arrived, much later. And it's only since the arrival of the Celts that British history has hitherto been concentrated. The Iberians have been something of an enigma ... except for Stonehenge ...

My research then took me into genetics, and the work of Stephen Oppenheimer, a professor at Oxford University, author of 'The Origins of the British: A Genetic Detective Story' (2006).

Oppenheimer wrote (in a 2006 newspaper article):
I have traced and mapped sources and dates of migration of the male and female gene lines, which had arrived in the British Isles before 1950.
The first and most important discovery I made is that three-quarters of British ancestors arrived as hunter-gatherers between 7,500 and 15,000 years ago, after the melting of the ice caps but before the land broke away from the mainland and divided into islands.
Our subsequent separation from Europe has preserved a genetic time capsule of southwestern Europe during the Ice Age, which we share most closely with the former ice-age refuge in the Basque country. Overall, three-quarters of our modern gene pool (two thirds in England) derives from this early source.
The first settlers were unlikely to have spoken a Celtic language but possibly a tongue related to the unique Basque language.
The curious fact that Oppenheimer states is that the migration of the Iberians into Britain occurred around 10,000 BC (though there is a wide plus or minus I know). I say 'curious' as I do believe (yes, many don't) that Atlantis actually existed but that it disappeared under the waves at about the same time as the Iberian influx. Now surely, some survivors of that cataclysm (accepting - as I do - that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean) would have reached the Iberian peninsula before some moved further on. And it was not that long after (around 7,000 BC or perhaps even earlier) that the Iberians started building extraordinary mystical sites such as Stonehenge, which went through subsequent re-development.

And I hypothesise that it's the survival of those mystical structures, using a design based on mystical (sacred) geometry, that indicates that the builders were inheritors of a spiritual tradition that goes back aeons, and to Atlantis, where it is believed that an extraordinary civilisation existed. It is further believed (by those who accept the Atlantis notion) that it was a great being of wisdom that took other survivors of Atlantis to Egypt and there built the Giza Pyramids, built using the same sacred geometry as used at Stonehenge. Of course, the official archaeological teaching is that these pyramids were built much later, but that belief is being rapidly eroded. 

So, what has happened since 10,000BC? I follow the theory that says that the Atlantean culture was destroyed because it came to the limit of disobeying natural laws. Hence man was made to start all over again. And what have we done? It seems to me that we are replicating the errors of the Atlanteans and are moving towards an 'End of Time' once more. But I do believe also that on this occasion there will be a brighter outcome, and a future of hope. Why do I say that? Because I believe in the great masters Krishna, the Buddha and Jesus (and others) who showed man that there is a right mode of living - for those that will take heed.

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