Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Needs of Society

The big question mark about the UK's new government is - surely - whether Cameron (and Clegg) can really reverse the trend in the Tories that was re-invented by Thatcher over 20 years ago - i.e. that (according to her) 'there is no such thing as society'.

Her attitude was so reviled by those who live in the real world that it could only mean that when Labour could get enough momentum, they would get back in and check the stagnation that the Thatcher years left behind. Is Cameron's real intention to undo the Thatcher theme in his party? If so, then why did he not stand as a Liberal? The Tories have never before been progressive on social issues - they've introduced nothing (in all their years) of real help to the working population, and now they are going to do otherwise? Seeing is believing in this case! I can't help feeling that there will be tears in four or five years time. Or less.

What is really needed - surely - is a middle-ground progressive party or coalition of true grass-roots membership. One that really understands the plight of ordinary people (yes, I know there are a number of scroungers on the state) and yet would have the acumen of true statesmanship. And - highly importantly - a party that understands the limitations of economic growth systems that do not work in harmony with ecology.

Irresponsible growth comes at a big cost, as we are increasingly finding out.

IF the Clam-Clegg partnership prove me wrong, then I will be very happy. But while those two were rolling around on the Downing Street lawn yesterday, I somehow felt that they are very much in party mode. The reality of the work to be done has not yet dawned on them, and when it does, they will be wearing frowns and starting to show grey hair. Like Gordon Brown; now there (despite his foibles) is the best example of statesmanship in modern times.

Farewell Gordon, you did your best, and you will not be forgotten in a hurry by those who understood you a little. You were probably the last of the non-showbiz style of leaders. You, at least, had substance; we will now see what Cam-Clegg are made of.

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