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Saying One Thing And Doing Another: Where Is Integrity?

Dear Reader,

In my previous post I alluded - yet again - for the need for love in this world. A world that is being defoliated and its occupants (both humans and creatures of all kinds) being mercilessly harassed and pursued into horrors that are being suppressed from front-page news in order that the world's rich may carry on their games of taking out what they want and giving back very little.

Amongst those horrors is the news that Botswana has lifted an embargo against wild animal hunting, which means that rapidly decreasing species like elephants and lions are to be relentlessly chased for sport. The question must be "why has Botswana done this?", and the only answer must be because the country has been promised investment if they were to do that.

In May, the BBC indicated that sea level rise could be greater than expected, while in March, it was revealed that BP had Trump's ear and had successfully lobbied the Trump administration to roll back key climate regulati…

The Big Question

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It is very apparent that the world is divided into so many compartments of thought, so the idea of attaining solutions that can gain common consensus seems to be a distant ideal. All we have to do is to look at what has happened in the British Parliament over Brexit to be able to accept that perspective!

But we do know that the attempted "common solution" of capitalism and material progress has been found very wanting. In fact, by itself, it has failed.

But maybe if we can imbue such a creed with acceptable human values then perhaps we can make progress? The Guardian newspaper wrote, in 2010:
Many thinkers have identified common strands in systems of thought and religions through the ages. In 1945 Aldous Huxley wrote of a perennial philosophy "that recognises a divine reality substantial to the world of things and lives and minds; the psychology that finds in the soul something similar to, or even identical with, divine reality; the ethic that places man's …