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Channeling, Watching and Absorbing

Dear Reader,For human beings on earth, the period of increasing spiritual darkness is about to end. We are going to ‘turn the corner’ and enter a phase of ascension toward the next Golden Age, when spiritual light and consciousness will dawn into the world again. The coming galactic alignment is a cosmic event that invites us to grow spiritually. It is built into the Divine Plan and identifies the time we live in as a time of rare opportunity for our growth. ... We can identify this period of shift, the Global Shift, as stretching between 1980 and 2016  ... - John Major Jenkins (in 1999).Then the Godlen Age, he says. But will it happen by itself? If - 65 years ago - someone had mentioned out loud that they were 'changing channels' I would have assumed they were talking of swimming lanes!So when, today, we change channels to watch the News, we very rarely - of course - hear about good news. It always seems to be the bad news that we tune in to listen about - or read. One recent…