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Prime Minister, We Need To Look After Our Own Just As Much As The Refugees

A former soldier remains homeless and can't obtain a job because he's ... homeless.

Disabled people have been victimised by the state and there are a great many more cases of deaths occurring amongst the disabled and ill as a result. Undue financial stress and repressive attitudes by our government can lead to such a situation, and it appears to be the case that is what has happened.

Further, the house building programme in the UK is way behind demand.

Meanwhile, we have the refugee/migrant problem escalating beyond belief and Chancellor Merkel believes her country can take in 800,000 this year. There are clamours from other European leaders that Britain should take a proportionate share of the influx, and even within the UK there are people saying we can take 10,000 or more - even 25,000. That's still a small number against Germany's commitment, I know.

But if Mr. Cameron's government is inhumane enough that it cannot look after former soldiers and our own disabled, l…