Sunday, 6 September 2015

Prime Minister, We Need To Look After Our Own Just As Much As The Refugees

A former soldier remains homeless and can't obtain a job because he's ... homeless.

Disabled people have been victimised by the state and there are a great many more cases of deaths occurring amongst the disabled and ill as a result. Undue financial stress and repressive attitudes by our government can lead to such a situation, and it appears to be the case that is what has happened.

Further, the house building programme in the UK is way behind demand.

Meanwhile, we have the refugee/migrant problem escalating beyond belief and Chancellor Merkel believes her country can take in 800,000 this year. There are clamours from other European leaders that Britain should take a proportionate share of the influx, and even within the UK there are people saying we can take 10,000 or more - even 25,000. That's still a small number against Germany's commitment, I know.

But if Mr. Cameron's government is inhumane enough that it cannot look after former soldiers and our own disabled, let alone the general housing shortage that exists (assisted by the erosion of social housing, instigated by the Tories) just how can this small island take a significant number of immigrants? We are trying to keep the doors closed at Calais as it is.

Now, I'm not at all against taking refugees, but it's the sheer impractical situation we are in that should force a severe restriction on how many people can come in until we get our own house in order. This government has only been seeing financial cuts as the way forward, but, gradually, necessity is forcing their hand to think differently.

The government needs an extra push, I think - don't you agree? Note that they are thinking about spending money to bomb Syria. Perhaps that money should be put to providing more housing!

Who the heck voted for them, I wonder!