Tuesday, 5 May 2015

When the Head needs to listen to the Heart...

If I'm not mistaken, this election is a lot more important than we think it to be.

Hugely important, in fact, because of these issues:
  1. We now seem to be in a permanent need for cooperation between all parties as the conventional major two parties do not look capable of achieving an overall majority;
  2. It may be time for implementing Proportional Representation;
  3. The NHS looks as though it radically needs saving by the injection of funds - and quick. The Tories do not look as though they're prepared to do that and - also - Cameron has been sitting on a report he commissioned that details a future NHS, post-election: he his hiding it from the electorate;
  4. All parties can be accused of being disingenuous, but the Tories take the biscuit! They accuse Labour of being held to ransom by the SNP if they (Labour) are the majority party, yet theTories would also have the SNP hanging round their necks if they (the Tories) are the majority party;
  5. The Tories still try to kid people that Labour was responsible for the financial collapse of 2008-10. That Labour may not have done everything correctly may be true, but the great part of the problem was to do with the banking system;
  6. Just where would the Tories find the 12 billions of cuts that they indicate?
  7. Deficit reduction? The Tories have doubled the national debt this past 5 years.
  8. The future of the poorest 10% of the country is bleak if the Tories win outright. Their emphasis on the economy to the detriment of everything else means that the weakest in society will be trodden on. Don't let the fresh-faced Cameron convince you otherwise - they've done it too much before and are in denial about it;
  9. All the public services are in too great a stress, with teachers leaving their profession at the fastest-ever rate;
  10. Where are the Tory's policies for a sustainable economy? But, in fairness, all the three conventional parties believe in the white elephants of HS2 and Trident and other money-sapping projects.
In short, we need a left-of-centre government made up of as much wisdom as possible. The issue of the day is not how much money we each have in our pockets, but how do we survive the future where the evidence is that the so-called global market is going to evaporate either through warfare of various kinds or through so-called natural disasters. 

And disasters include the continued rising level of the seas and the salination of soil. And you think that fracking is a good idea?

The Tories and UKIP in particular can't think straight - they just think the future will be as it's always been, that there are opportunities a-plenty for those who want to 'make it'. Wrong - we are now at the end of that time. 

This Thursday, think well before you place your 'X'. You may very well regret who you vote for if you haven't thought through all the issues above. Please think both through your heart and through your head.