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What are we here for? It's time we thought about that question.

In the UK, I fear that we are sinking further into deep hypocrisy. We like to give the image that all is fluffy and bright, but much - a lot - of that is only on the surface. At least, that's my view.

And two things occurred yesterday that cause me to revert to this blog. I will come back to them.

Why do I sound like a dischuffed septuagenarian? Probably because I am! I have spent my life believing that mankind will surely morph into something more beneficial both for the sake of its species and for planet Earth, but what I had overlooked was that the attitudes, mechanisms and institutions that exist today to implement the nation's will have not changed enough. And apathy is largely prevalent at election time. As a nation we are asleep. Asleep  .. to real realities. Thanks to the 1980s revolution under Thatcher we are now a self-seeking lot in the main. We are continually thinking of our individual selves rather than thinking about what is best for the majority; for the natio…