Saturday, 5 March 2016

Doesn't The Question and the Answer Both Start and End With Us?

Dear Reader,

I am shortly to be 72, and well-known environmentalist David Suzuki is 79.

My name means nothing in the world but the thing we have in common is a realisation - held for 30 or more years - that the old ways are not good enough. We must find a new way of dealing with things ... including considerably more care for the environment. Canadian David Suzuki has been campaigning on this matter for all these decades and still travels around the world to highlight this issue. On Monday (7th March) he appears at Melbourne, Australia as one of a number of speakers on this topic.

But ... questions have been raised about Mr. Suzuki's Foundation. Whose interests does it really serve? For example, see (the sidebar of which asks other questions on this matter).

Now, I have no personal axe to grind against Mr. Suzuki but what I am simply wanting to hint at is that even on matters that seem to be on hallowe'ed ground, we surely need to be circumspect about how our heroes carry out their business. It could be (but not necessarily) that we may find them not much more morally set than those we have grown to virtually despise - such as politicians and the bankers. 

I'll provide another example - that of Humanity's Team, an organisation that has largely stemmed from the books and work of Neale Donald Walsch; particularly his Conversations With God series. Now I in fact have a deep respect for him and his books, and from personal experience I know that there are persons working in that organisation who are praiseworthy. But should we submit ourselves body and soul to the messages that organisations such as that perpetually transmit? I believe the principles they purvey are for the most part very sound (as, indeed, are most of the outpourings from the various churches, synagogues, masjids and temples of other religions), but ultimately it is we - you and I - that have to make up our own minds and (hopefully) follow our own consciences on the matter.

For my part, I look for original teachings as much as I can in my search for better values and wisdom. And in the teachings I have mainly addressed - of Krishna, Jesus and Muhammed - I find a common thread dressed up under different appearances.

And that common thread is nothing else but love!

In other words, if we - individually and plurally - were to address that theme (of love) as the major constant in our lives then we would find our attention automatically being fixed on care for the environment and for others (human and all forms of life), and we would find our interest in ephemeral worldly issues being reduced.

When we meet with a problem, why not simply ask: "What would a dose of love achieve in this situation?"

When we die, earth and creation will still be here, but we will depart as we came. Our truest legacy can only be in the form of love, at whatever level of density we can achieve (i.e. how self-less). In fact, it's what makes the world go a-round!

We Are Of One Origin;
We Are Of One Destiny;
We Are All One!