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Vikings, Jews And Templars In North America

Dear Reader,Though it's real and surrounds us, let us try to leave COVID aside for a while and contemplate on a little history that is a bit more than history - it may point to something that has meaning.There's nothing like a good mystery is there?! By that, I don't mean the Agatha Christie kind or any fiction like it, but a mystery of the real kind. A true-life story - especially when it's one that has (to date) no conventional explanation. And is also a mystery that appears to have links with the origins of Christianity.Such is the case of the developments I have been following in a TV series on Oak Island (Nova Scotia) since 2013, and more particularly many (probably) related findings in the Hunter Mountain area of New York State, USA. And a story that concerns the entire eastern seaboard between those two places. Ever since I used to cycle in the country area near South Birmingham when about 14 years of age, I was intrigued by the name of the village Temple Balsall…