Friday, 4 May 2018

Which Other World Leader Seeks Blessings From Elder Women?

Dear Reader,

How often have we squirmed at the behaviour of western leaders and then in the next breath said "Oh well, it's what men do", particularly in their general macho approach of going to war and in their conduct towards women.

I for one believe that the sign of manhood is when he recognises his animal traits and does something to change his ways, and instead seeks the way of wisdom.

But many of us are too weak to try it ourselves. At a young age we instead might look for an example from pop stars or film stars or star footballers. But of course that way is soon found to be short-term thinking and doesn't offer self-respect; when we come to have children ourselves we often question what we were doing in our younger years. 

We shouldn't be looking to worldly idols for our example of how life should be trod. Throughout history there have been many of much finer stature by whom the standard of living should be sought. But we now have in the world the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, who really does offer a real link to the great standard bearers. This link tells us accounts of how he treats older women with huge respect, and how younger women are properly accorded respect according to what is called "dharma", the way by which life should be conducted in the world.

I submit that in his own private way of life and in the kind of policies that he has been implementing over the past four years, we have a real standard to follow. The way of integrity. And this in a country which may well be soon leading the world in economic development and social policies.

The United States and Europe, and all other western-derived nations, should look and learn.

Thank you for reading this.

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