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Christmas 2018 - And What's Next?

Dear Reader,

Well, that time of the year has again come round - the one that most of us treat as a time to make children happy by giving them the presents they hoped for and for pursuing the mythology that exists about Christmas. But at least the theme of 'giving' continues to be emphasised, even though we mostly don't stop to think about what it's all about.

And the people involved in these UK scenarios will be wanting to know a lot more about what Christmas is about as far as they are concerned:

Some 597 homeless people died in England and Wales in 2017, an increase of 24% since 2013, according to the Office for National Statistics.The amount of homelessness is thought to be far greater than the Government admits to.In addition, a new analysis finds 130,000 kids will be homeless at Christmas.Government Ministers have also been warned that the Housing Benefit freeze risks pushing renters into homelessness,The disabled have been severely targeted, particularly on the bedr…