Carpe Diem!

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One very kind correspondent and friend this week sent me a video on the topic of carpe diem - to seize the moment. One particular phrase in it rather stuck out for me. This was:

Yesterday is history - tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift: it is a present!
I would - in a mystical fashion - add:

Today is also pre-sent!
The whole idea of the present being so important is an essential theme within all the great religious philosophies, particularly in the Indian-sourced religions: Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, but can be found in others too, such as Zoroastrianism and Taoism.
Strangely enough, Christianity and Islam are fairly quiet on the topic - they rely more on scripture rather than philosophy - but the inference is still there.
To put it another way: "what's the use of worrying, you know it ain't worthwhile..."  as the poor Tommies sang on the way to the Western Front over 100 years ago.
And, another homespun bit of philosophy: "you can't change what…

What Should Determine A Proper Civilisation?

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There is definitely a significant call for a change in the way we do things. Even TIME magazine says so in their recent article. But is all this just talk - where is the serious thinking about what kind of life - what kind of civilisation - do we want, or what do we consider we should evolve towards? Do we have a concrete - real - idea of what the word 'civilisation' should mean? Can peace be achieved?

As far back as Plato and from Thomas More and Francis Bacon to H.G. Wells, there have been many who have put forward their ideas of what an ideal world would mean. Karl Marx constructed an 'ism', and we have suffered many other forms of 'ism's since, most notably the relatively recent 'Thatcherism'. Revolutions, as exemplified in France and Russia, did not produce satisfactory results.

None of these ideas and events seems to have properly considered the underlying issue at hand - that people are not robots to be moved around as on a chessboard, …

Who Remembers Quiet Sundays?

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In these lockdown times, and despite the harrowing numbers of deaths caused by this virus, much else appears to be happening of the positive variety. In the way the world was developing - and particularly in respect to climate issues - it seemed we needed to literally halt and take in the reality of the world's plight. It would hardly have been possible to engineer that "halt", but circumstances have made it possible, now, to take stock and reconsider our future options.

Surely we should regard this as an unprecedented opportunity to rethink how our beliefs, values, and institutions shape our relationships?

In fact, this time of lockdown has brought about a situation of quietude for many. Not only have most of us more time to reflect on what's what but Mother Nature has also done the same. Our country - the UK - no longer (literally) vibrates as it did three months ago, the waterways have become more purified and even the Sun's solar flares have appare…

A Time To Take Stock

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The impact of COVID-19  is, clearly, enormous. Not only the unexpected loss of so many loved ones but also the economic impact, and also - I suggest - the psychological impact. I just wonder, therefore, how much more the psychological impact was when the 'flu pandemic of 100 years ago hit, and when millions were erased from the planet. Or the Black Death of 1348-49.

We have grown very much accustomed to thinking the over-comfortable thought that we humans had become virtually untouchable. We thought that science - medicine - had pretty well all health issues under control. Experts had thought over recent decades that a large pandemic could easily come our way, but we did not listen to that properly, just as we did not listen to the warnings about Climate Change and our over-dependence on fossil fuels.

The western world, in particular, has been on a trajectory of seemingly never-ending technological development and consequential economic growth. My own lifetime (since Wor…

Will We Get Back To 'Normal'?

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The 'virus' situation has brought about the revelation that there is a huge amount of goodwill in the hearts of the British people, as evidenced in the very large number of volunteers that have stepped forward to help out in the community during this time. And also the specific efforts of individuals such as Captain Tom, which has been remarkable.

However, perhaps there is a need also to reflect. Is this 'virus' situation an isolated matter or should it be looked at as part of a bigger picture?  

The now venerable former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, has posted a view on the aftermath of the current pandemic, entitled,  'When The Pandemic Is Over, The World Must Come Together'. In this piece, Gorbachev outlines a view that pretty well all of us would subscribe to, I would think. A world of peace and far greater equality is a world that all of us would probably aspire to and I applaud such positivity. My concern, however, is by what means do we acc…

Ancient Truths? - Part 6 : From 1200 AD to date

© 2020, John Lerwill

Dear Reader,

This outline coverage (and it is very much an outline - much more could have been included), in this chapter, of the secret history of the world since the Middle Ages, brings us to the present day. Today, after 20 years and more of progressively increasing indications that all is not well with Planet Earth, it is surely time for everyone to take stock. We already had the so-called 'Climate Change' issue, and now we have another very major world-wide issue on our hands. I do not like to say it, but perhaps 'the virus' has a sting in its tail. 
I have reason to believe that mankind has to change its ways to be rid of our troubles. Even certain areas of the media are indicating that things will never be the same again. Therefore; do we want to continue to head towards Darkness, or towards the Light? The problem is for us to solve - no-one else.
This chapter has as its basis the increasing conflict between the worlds of Darkness and Light. A g…