Sunday, 30 June 2019

432Hz Sounds Good To Me!

Dear Reader,

Last week I talked awhile on the topic of the magic of water, and this week it is the turn of sound.

This article about music caught my attention some time ago. It was then of some interest to me, but other topics took over my daily activity. And at that time the notion that the topic might be related to spiritual matters did not fully occur to me. But when I lately saw an article on the 'Hindu'/Buddhist AUM mantra, I woke up. 

It would appear that when the AUM mantra is properly chanted, the frequency of the vibrations is measured at 432Hz, the level referred to as being harmonious in the stated article (above), and which is also said to be the harmonic vibrational frequency of everything in the universe. 

A second scientific foundation for the mantra's benefits concerns brain research conducted by various scientists, the findings of which were very interesting. It would seem that in response to time-frequency analysis, irregular waveforms were identified which indicated unsteadiness in the mind of the subjects. The subjects were then requested to chant the mantra frequently for a few days and the experiment was repeated. The time-frequency analysis then produced some surprising insights. The waveforms were improved with regular spacing and had almost perfect symmetry and harmony. Not only had these participants witnessed dramatic improvements in focus, concentration and steadiness, but found themselves to be in peace, witnessing a reduction in mental stress and remaining calm all the time.

It is said that chanting the AUM mantra is able to create an event inside the nervous system which can then become an object of concentration and meditation, and also a focal point for expanding physical and emotional awareness. There are many testimonies to that effect.

Importantly, therefore, we could say that psychiatry (a more modern development and not as respected as it once was) is redundant; that depression has a known cure. We need not be anything but positive if we would choose to be so.

Likely to create more heated debate, perhaps, is the notion that the Jewish/Christian word used at the end of prayer - Amen - and the Muslim equivalent - Ameen - stem from the AUM mantra. I think it is worthwhile viewing this link to read and listen to more on this topic.

In fact, this Rosicrucian article confirms the preceding link.

Why is it worthwhile? Well, I have found sufficient evidence to show that all spiritual paths are closely related, and it would appear to me that it is perfectly logical that we will find similarities in practice. The problem is to get across to fundamentalists (in all religions) that the application of dogma will not create peace in this world, while compassion, tolerance and understanding stand every chance of success. In other words, the application of love instead of belief.

Of course, it would not serve governments for us to talk as one people. The so-called 'permanent government' would be far from happy.

Thank you for reading this.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Going In For A Dip

Dear Reader,

Hello again.

I think that, over many posts, I have tried to re-vivify the notion of the need for love in this world, as love is the natural expression of the Divine. But there are some that would say, "Where is this Divine Love? So much suffering goes on, children are slaughtered, maimed, abused and made hungry, and yet you call on us to believe in the unseeable who does not seem to care about what's going on!"

This was the kind of argument returned by those who had witnessed the bloody futility of the Western Front in World War One, and it is not easy to answer - though there is a direct answer.

But rather than trying to answer head-on, as it were, perhaps it is wise to open our eyes and look for evidence around us of Divine Love.

This past week I was inspired - for some reason - to look more into the nature of water. I was not looking into this subject with any result in mind, but I felt that it is a topic worth knowing more about. Particularly as we depend upon it for life itself. After all, adults are each composed of seven-tenths water as, indeed, is the whole of the planet.

So I found a book that perhaps has been read by many, but has got lost in the mayhem that the world has experienced this last 20 years. It's a book that was first published in 2001, called "The Hidden Messages In Water" by Dr. Masaru Emoto. In it there are some fascinating accounts of water crystal formations that were formed depending on what words were shown to water - the more kindly the message the more beautiful the formations.

And here is the most intriguing part: that Dr. Emoto came to the conclusion that the most successful attitude to life would include 2 parts gratefulness (for life) and 1 part love, equating to the formula H2O!

The point I am making here, of course, is that in water can be found the very expression of the Divine. And in illustrating this matter further, Dr. Emoto demonstrated that when water is 'spoken to' - through words written on paper and shown to the water - and when frozen, the water crystallises and forms shapes revealing the feelings that the words transmitted!

These pictures show the different crystals that became visible when the words 'thank you' were shown to water as expressed in English, German, French and Italian:

See how the national personality of each country is revealed in the shape and colour of each crystal! I suppose people will simply say there is a 'scientific' explanation for this, but why should science separate itself (as it usually does) from divine concepts?

But evidence of the divine is not just to be seen in water. Sacred geometry has revealed that there are natural shapes to be found that have properties that are equally Divine.  For example:

Here we have a picture of a Nautilus shell, and the numerical Fibonacci series that can be deduced from it. Not only in this form of creation but others too.

But the real proof of Divinity, in my view, is to be found in the lives of those who truly lived according to Divine teachings through their experience, such as Jesus and the Buddha. They set the example of how life can be, and gave substantial clues as to 'the Way'.

If we want real solutions to the world's severe problems, then surely we should look very closely at those teachings and apply them where we can, and adding them to our lives when it is possible to do so.

I recently wrote something about this to a friend about the lack of respect that is today found in our society.
It seems to me that true 'respect' can only come from devotion. That to me is the underlying aspect that's missing. And it's the devotion that Jesus spoke of when he summarised the commandments as Love of God and one's neighbour ... "with all thy heart and all thy mind".

It sounds as though I'm preaching, but Jesus was touching on a truth that a lot of people haven't thought on. That is that the inherent nature of us all is the same! In India they call it the Atma - the indwelling soul - that links us all one to another, so that if we slander or hurt we should realise that we only slander or hurt ourselves, and that the law of Karma will bring about just rewards one way or another - "what goes around comes around".

So we are not really separate. Outwardly we seem different, but inwardly all are the same.

I believe that until we come to properly realise that (and Christianity never has taught it properly except by individuals whose lives have been a demonstration of that truth) then true 'respect' will not materialise. 'Respect' is not something that can be forced or enforced. It must come from free will - from love. And a demonstration of that (by example) is the biggest possible challenge for politicians and employers!
Thank you for reading this!

Friday, 24 May 2019

Saying One Thing And Doing Another: Where Is Integrity?

Dear Reader,

In my previous post I alluded - yet again - for the need for love in this world. A world that is being defoliated and its occupants (both humans and creatures of all kinds) being mercilessly harassed and pursued into horrors that are being suppressed from front-page news in order that the world's rich may carry on their games of taking out what they want and giving back very little.

Amongst those horrors is the news that Botswana has lifted an embargo against wild animal hunting, which means that rapidly decreasing species like elephants and lions are to be relentlessly chased for sport. The question must be "why has Botswana done this?", and the only answer must be because the country has been promised investment if they were to do that.

In May, the BBC indicated that sea level rise could be greater than expected, while in March, it was revealed that BP had Trump's ear and had successfully lobbied the Trump administration to roll back key climate regulations that underpinned the US contribution to the Paris climate agreement. This, despite claiming to support the deal. They say one thing and do another.

Decades ago, while I had already taken to following a belief in green issues, I was still dubious about organisations like Greenpeace, but I now see that unless they had not acted the world would be in a far worse slumber over evil goings-on than it is. Other organisations (like 38 Degrees) now try to reach out to us on similar themes.

But it would seem that we (and all creatures) will have to suffer because we choose to lend a deaf ear to the warnings and continue to play in a world of make-believe that involves mobile phones, playstations and other forms of mind-deadening activity. Also swanning off to remote locations for holidays that are not necessary, burning up huge amounts of aircraft fuel and creating harmful gases. It can be just as beneficial to rest in your own back garden, rain or no rain.

Sorry, but long-distance travel is only desirable if there is something useful to be achieved.

Isn't our attitude because we have been educated away from believing in a Creator of the Universe that created us in order to act as His stewards of this potentially wonderful Earth? I certainly believe that is so.

But the Creator constantly makes efforts to restore human values when they diminish in the world through various ways. One can understand this with an example. In the event of a small residential theft, you report the matter to the police station in your jurisdiction. You do not have to approach the commissioner of police for this small incident. Only if the matter is not resolved you may escalate to the next higher level. So too, God initially sends forth saints and great souls like Jesus Christ to deal with unrighteousness in the world. What did Jesus say? He initially said, ‘I am the messenger of God’ and then as ‘Son of God’ and finally said ‘My father and I are One’. These are the three stages of the great spiritual journey for the individual as proclaimed in the Perennial Philosophy of India, but all religions emphasise or focus on certain principles and therefore it is not only the Way of India that is to be upheld. All religions need to be respected. Including Humanism.

But by no means can we aspire to friendship with God if we allow condemnation of other faiths and this rape of the world to continue. To simply pursue worship while condoning evil is not exactly consistent - is it? We all need to be an example.

Enough is enough. For those that are able, it is time to wake up and seek change - to seek a world of love. I partly woke up over 40 years ago and walked out on a big industrial employer because I knew there was more to life. In doing so I lost the chance to acquire more trappings of a comfortable life. But I do not regret that; I have at least learnt a lot more about matters that are more real.

Thank you for reading this.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

The Big Question

Dear Reader,

It is very apparent that the world is divided into so many compartments of thought, so the idea of attaining solutions that can gain common consensus seems to be a distant ideal. All we have to do is to look at what has happened in the British Parliament over Brexit to be able to accept that perspective!

But we do know that the attempted "common solution" of capitalism and material progress has been found very wanting. In fact, by itself, it has failed.

But maybe if we can imbue such a creed with acceptable human values then perhaps we can make progress? The Guardian newspaper wrote, in 2010:
Many thinkers have identified common strands in systems of thought and religions through the ages. In 1945 Aldous Huxley wrote of a perennial philosophy "that recognises a divine reality substantial to the world of things and lives and minds; the psychology that finds in the soul something similar to, or even identical with, divine reality; the ethic that places man's final end in the knowledge of the immanent and transcendent ground of all being". He said that it could be found in both "traditional lore" and the "higher religions", in every era.
The Guardian went on: 
 Was Huxley right? Is there an eternal truth, that we keep on discovering – whether it's a "divine reality" or something better formulated in another way? And if so, what is its nature – is it outside us? Is it simply an aspect of the way our brains are wired?
I contend that whatever we may think about the notion of a Perennial Philosophy, the lines of concern that Huxley wrote on do ring true to my way of thinking. I have come to reject the notion that there is any "right religion" (that one is 'better' than another) but have developed the view that the basis of all religious/spiritual paths is the same, as they depend on the common theme of Love to gain success.  Indeed, how otherwise was the Universe created and through what means is the Universe maintained?

So perhaps rather than talk of grand titles like 'Perennial Philosophy', we should simply talk about 'Love', and what Love would do in attempting to solve the problems that exist, and which will persist if they are not addressed. And I would suggest that we need to address these issues before matters become worse, as surely they are.

Surely we can reconcile to the notion of 'Love' being a commonly understood phenomenon? If not, why not? Or is Love a threat to us, that it implies selflessness? The answer lies with you ... and you ... and you ... and me. But it is a question we need to address.

Thank you for reading this

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Are You In The CIA?

Dear Reader,

So, the UK has officially declared that Climate Change is an emergency. Trump must be choking on his coaldust!

Of course, declaring it to be such is one thing; actually tackling the issue with fervent commitment, and getting other countries to also comply, is quite another matter. The world needs to recognise where we are at because the problem is a world problem. As a country, we cannot tackle it just by ourselves and hope to achieve worthwhile results, but not to make greater efforts would simply be a huge folly.

As Albert Einstein once said: "...with every problem there's a solution [; it's] just a matter of taking action".

Einstein is entirely right. And what is so very important is that science is gradually coming to realise - at an increasing pace - that humans have an inner capacity to tackle so many issues that we did not know of. We are not meant to be here to idle away our time but to put ourselves about and, as Jesus is quoted as saying, "Seek and ye shalt find." That is, we can find within ourselves the link to the ultimate power that can cause us to open our eyes and find the skills and strength to do what needs to be done. Hence, Jesus also said, "The body is a temple".

A significant humanist named Gregg Braden, in his book "Resilience from the Heart", goes into great detail to explain how man can tap in to inner resources. In particular, he refers to the so-important heart-brain connection and actually states a simple "Quick Coherence Technique" identified by an organisation called the Heart Math Institute (click here)  to begin the process of activating effective heart-brain clarity. This approach can lead to greater resilience to extreme world changes (that have already started to be unleashed) as a result.

Braden also refers to other significant findings achieved by the Heart Math Institute in this direction. Braden also points out that it is only since the time of Leonardo da Vinci that man has put so much emphasis into mental activity, whereas formerly the great thinkers were those who saw the heart and the brain as working in close harmony. It makes me wonder just how many people have succumbed in modern times to psychiatry and other therapies in an attempt to get back to thinking in balance. I have known quite a few who have suffered as a result of their education and thinking being directed only through mental processes.

Now, I don't altogether prescribe to Braden's line of thinking as it seems to me that, though modern science has made a step forward, it still formally refuses to acknowledge a higher wisdom and ancient teachings that have already identified the issues that science is now uncovering. That and also how ancient wisdom is being interpreted is somewhat piecemeal rather than holistic. But I do believe that humans possess far more in their equipment than what is on the surface or in the cranium, and that the spiritual masters gave a formula as to how we can grow accordingly. The heart-brain connection is important for us to perform properly as human beings. Prayer is included in that, but there is much more to the notion of prayer than perhaps we realise.

Science also now knows that what we perceive as "space" in the universe is no such thing. That so-called "space" actually consists of energy, proving that everything in the universe is inter-linked. The ancients always knew this. Therefore, particularly when we undertake actions with pure motives and prayer, those actions are energised through unseen forces. To best achieve that we should enlist in CIA: in Constant Integrated Awareness!

Coming back to the matter of Climate Change, how we tackle this matter is going to be best achieved by utilising the latent human facilities known of by the ancients. And how we educate our children is a key factor in all that. Education should not be treated as a process to act as a fodder of beings to commerce, science and industry, but primarily as a process in values development. In fact, if the resolution to treat Climate Change as an urgent issue is a sincere one, we should firstly admit to ourselves that it is we who are primarily the cause of this situation and thus need to change ourselves before attempting anything else. Changing ourselves means to re-educate ourselves; to become members of CIA!

Only by putting the ego in its place and through working in harmony with the Creator will we achieve true success and overcome all potential disasters.

May Peace be with you! May Love rule!

Thank you for reading this.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Great, Greta! Here's Solarpower To Your Elbow!

Dear Reader,

Thirty years ago and more, shop assistants looked very strangely at me when I used to refuse a free carrier bag of any description. Now, many stores go overboard to stop giving you a carrier bag! 45 years ago I was putting leaflets into houses warning of changing conditions and the need to change our ways in respect of usage of resources, and the need to try being more self-sufficient. The trouble was I was overly conscious that the leaflets I was distributing were themselves made of valuable natural material, and that was very much in the days before re-cycling got underway.

But there were some people around in Birmingham who were sympathetic to my cause, and one had already gone so far as to switch his vehicle over to hydrogen power. And not just to save money. There were a fair number of people around then (in the 1970s) that were aware of the problem of waste and a potential future of lack of resources. Indeed, an organisation called The Club Of Rome published powerful arguments (bringing attention to the limitations to the availability of fossil fuels) for those who would take notice. Fossil fuels are becoming harder to obtain now, and mining is becoming dangerously invasive, adding to the issue of gases poisoning our eco-system.

I was an early follower of the Ecology Party, now the Green Party. (Not long ago I told Caroline Lucas she would be an excellent leader of the Labour Party!)

I purchased a bike in 1976 and took it with me when I went to London, where I lived for the next 32 years. It was an expensive bike, too, and a good one, sold to me by the locally well-known 1948 Olympic cyclist Tommy Godwin (he died only just after the 2012 Olympics, in his 90s). Within weeks of my arrival in London, it was stolen. But at least London had, and has, something resembling a well-integrated public transport system.

But the powers-that-be pushed the ecological issues aside in favour of economic growth and created doubt about the arguments or inferred that solutions would be found. (Eh?) The voters didn't think the matter was important enough. And they wanted to pay their bills: they felt that the future would look after itself.

Now that we've been seriously experiencing some of the consequences of our mis-spent form of living, it has taken a 15-year-old Swedish girl named Greta Thunberg to be the main focus for action and come forward and force us to take notice. She recently spoke to the United Nations and made her case for immediate action.

Go to listen to Greta's 11 minute talk by clicking here.

The issue of Climate Change, is, indeed, a hugely important one. David Attenborough says so, and it is.

But it is no less important an issue than the wars that have been perpetrated and which have proceeded to ravage the world in increasing ferocity for the last sixty years, with huge numbers of civilians being killed, maimed and forced into a life of fear. How many people have tried to escape their country of origin in the Middle East and Africa? And so many other places, too, have their own share of deep troubles, as always, man-made.

And it is no less important an issue than the maltreatment of wildlife throughout the World, such as the Orangutans in Indonesia, but also the marine life that is poisoned by toxicity and plastics.

These THREE major issues reveal what mankind has become as it has burgeoned in less than 200 years into a mammoth population of 7 billion people fed by a media stream of theatrical and musical nonsense. Yes, non-sense! There is not much of the world left to ravage for resources and food, much of which we seek is of a luxurious nature for our consumption. And the development of beef farming that has not only taken over swathes of former forest land but also pumps tons and tons of methane gas into the atmosphere.

Because we tend to think of these issues as being prevalent a long way away, we also tend to think (just like the climate change issue) that they are not really connected to us. We might send token gestures of charity to patch up the wounds, but do we stop to think about what is really going on and challenge our leaders about them? No, we have always said "they" will sort it out. Well, "they" say they do what the voters tell them to! What a merry-go-round!

No, there is NO scientific answer for all this. The ONLY answer lies within ourselves! We, the creators of this combined situation need to reverse it by looking into our hearts to find our real selves, and then to live and act according to the peaceful nature that in fact is our real selves. 

We need a religion of love to abide by; one that stems from the core of our hearts and not from the pulpit, whether Christian or Muslim or any other formal religion.

WE ARE ALL ONE. We need to live as though we are that.

Let us demand less, consume less, love more!

And (if we are able) to realise that there is one creator
and that we all owe our lives to that One.
Have we thought that perhaps we have been entrusted to act as good stewards
of all that has been created by the One?
Let us do something by utilising the Rights that we have fought for in a responsible way.

How do we generate a sense of urgency? 
By putting these issues on the table as a matter of priority.
Just as Kennedy did in 1960 to have man put on the Moon by the end of that decade. It was achieved because it was made a priority, despite the huge technical difficulties imposed by the challenge.

Thank you for reading this!

Sunday, 21 April 2019

The Real Message of Easter

Dear Reader,

As you may well know, I am not a conventional Christian, but over the years I have come to realise that all spiritual ways lead to the same end. That all routes lead to God, by whatever name you call the creator/maintainer of the Universe - and, indeed, the Omniverse.

But Christianity possesses perhaps the greatest symbol to illustrate the intended purpose of life, and that is through the teachings and physical sacrifice of the Master Jesus. I will not repeat the whole story here, but you must all know it. It is about selflessness and sacrifice.

It is the realisation that life is not what it seems. It is to realise that what is intended is the crucifixion of one's worldly self to resurrect as the true self. Jesus reveals that teaching, fully sacrificing his own life as an ultimate example.

To clarify, the following is an extract from an article about Easter and the Message of Jesus, as written by a Catholic priest a few years ago:
Immediately the husk of the mind is removed, the body has no power of rebirth. When this happens the Atma [the essence of who we are] resurrects in its true formless state.

This is the spiritual equation: Man minus Mind equals God: God plus Mind equals Man. The ability to “diemind” that is, this dissolution of the ego - which is the root of all mental activities - is the alchemy that transmutes man to his Divine state. This is the meaning of the resurrection. It is also the meaning of the Cross: the cutting of the “I” right across. Without the Cross, the death of the ego-consciousness, there is no resurrection. Herein lies the very essence of Christianity and indeed of all religions.
This message is nothing more or less than the mystic's cry to "Die before you die!", or, conversely, the real meaning of "to be born again", as used in the Christian church.

The sun is shining as I sit here writing this on this year's Easter Sunday. I pray that the Sun - the symbol of intelligence - radiates on all who read this and understand it. May this light shine and cause us to seek what is real.

As it states in other scriptures:
Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.
The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp,
The lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star,
Lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree,
Neither of the east nor of the west,
Whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire.
Light upon light.
Allah guides to His light whom He wills.
And Allah presents examples for the people,
and Allah is Knowing of all things.
The light that shines above the heavens and above this world, the light that shines in the highest world, beyond which there are no others–that is the light that shines in the hearts of men.
Chandogya Upanishad
Thank you for reading this.