Friday, 21 July 2017

A Matter Of Very Deep ConCERN?

Dear Reader,

On July 19 (just gone) I began to think more deeply about the weather we have been experiencing in this area of the UK, and how the weather forecasters just do not seem to be too accurate about their forecasting. They say they have built bigger and better computers to process the data more accurately - but do they?

In particular, the bursts of wind under perpetually gray skies seemed to be odd; plus the fact that summers of old just did not seem to be of the order we've been experiencing this past year or two. And what about the freak weather conditions in Cornwall just a few day ago? 

Oh, yes - it's "climate change" isn't it? Well, yes, I'd go along with that, but I'm beginning to suspect a lot more. Perhaps I'm just a suspicious type, but I looked into the strange weather phenomena and saw this photo of the sky over Zurich when the CERN Large Hydron Collider was being powered up:

Other news in July 2016 proclaimed that the "Large Hadron Collider (LCH) was shut down after causing a magnitude 7 earthquake which shook the whole planet." There have been many reports of strange conditions occurring when the Collider is powered up, and this website provides detailed examples of such news.

What this article is leading to is that perhaps we have become asleep to how many highly significant scientific and technological matters of an invasive kind have been developing in this world - particularly in the West - and which have been developed without our sanction. To the above matter of the Hydron Collider (which is planned to be replaced by another Collider of huge proportions) can be added the now long-standing saga of genetically-modified (GM) food, chemicals in fertilisers and now another issue which is just now being released and will affect us in a way that Stephen Hawking has said will be "either the best or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity". And that is artificial intelligence (AI). And the matter of human genetic modification is also not well understood to my mind.

Is mankind going mad? Do our leaders have the technical capability or moral credentials to question these developments and able to slow down their progress until we have understood their ramifications? If leaders of our local authorities cannot even discern what is the right kind of cladding to put on our high-rise flats, what chance have leaders understanding truly complex issues that require their judgment?

I would suggest that we all need to make our democratic representatives aware of our concerns. I would also suggest that one's spiritual faith is being significantly tested and perhaps we all need to check in to ensure that we really know what is meaningful, and to seek guidance from on High.

Let's remember that simplicity is a reflection of genius, not complexity. Our scientists - I am certain - just do not know what they're playing with.

Thank you for reading this.