Saturday, 17 October 2015

On Fracking, Smart Meters and Microchips

Dear Reader,

It may have escaped your attention that the UK government has lately transferred all subsidies that were designed to reduce emissions and support renewable energy towards more greedy projects. The UK was doing well in the development of solar energy solutions, but the government has pulled the rug from the feet of that development with the result that solar enterprises have gone to the wall. Yet another instance where Britain has promised so much through its inventiveness and has been sold off or suppressed. And when it happens to a cause celebre, then all the more sad - and wasteful. (This happened to graphene very recently.)

Why has this happened? Well, the government (for what reason does not take too much imagination) is only interested in motor cars, gasoline and fracking. Of these fracking is the subject of most concern.

The underground water system acts as a blood supply acts in our bodies. Encoded information is carried in the underground water from one part of the planet to the next.  The methodology of fracking is to place chemicals into this water and (when this happens) will have the potential to disrupt the planets internal communications. Yes, many already have a fear that those chemicals may pose a danger to health, but the potential danger is in fact far greater.

There are many other issues that are now coming to a head as technology has developed to such an extent. These issues include the fear that micro-chipping - of humans - via devious means will be attempted.

Such a microchip contains a unique ID number that can be linked to information contained in an external database, such as personal identification, medical history, medications, allergies, and contact information. Though its purposes are given to be benign, there is a great threat of malusage, and as the world is developing the way it is, there is more concern to be concerned than to be trustful. 

Do not be too trusting of drug injections: microchips are becoming so micro-miniaturised that they can be injected into the blood stream, without even the person performing the injection knowing.

Even energy smart meters are to be questioned in their potential usage. They have the potential to feed back considerable details about how we conduct our lives, and (I suggest) should be looked at with caution. Such data can easily get into the wrong and manipulative hands. It is self-evident that whoever controls the land, water and air around the globe effectively controls the entire planetary civilization. 

Am I becoming a scare-freak? I certainly hope not: I don't believe I am. I try to see things as they are.

What can be done?

There are many that know of the power of prayer, but prayer can be better expressed in action when undertaken in a prayerful manner. It behoves us all that are able to act - I suggest - to resist such developments as much as we can and in the trust that the Almighty provides help in that enterprise. Not to do so could be calamitous.

We can also look to supporting the politics of the Green Party and a certain Jeremy Corbyn. Otherwise we will get more of what has been developing this past five years - and worse.

In Love,