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On Fracking, Smart Meters and Microchips

Dear Reader,

It may have escaped your attention that the UK government has lately transferred all subsidies that were designed to reduce emissions and support renewable energy towards more greedy projects. The UK was doing well in the development of solar energy solutions, but the government has pulled the rug from the feet of that development with the result that solar enterprises have gone to the wall. Yet another instance where Britain has promised so much through its inventiveness and has been sold off or suppressed. And when it happens to a cause celebre, then all the more sad - and wasteful. (This happened to graphene very recently.)

Why has this happened? Well, the government (for what reason does not take too much imagination) is only interested in motor cars, gasoline and fracking. Of these fracking is the subject of most concern.

The underground water system acts as a blood supply acts in our bodies. Encoded information is carried in the underground water from one part of the p…