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Just like a film director - he shouts "Cut!"

Our Chancellor of the Exchequer has spoken! Amongst other things he has declared:
Britain is home to 1 per cent of the world’s population; generates 4 per cent of the world’s economy; and yet pays out 7 per cent of all the welfare spending. This is not sustainable - so we have set out a package to save £12 billion from welfare so we better protect spending on public services.  Since when did a proportionately higher rate of welfare spending than anyone else mean that (simply according to its size) it has to be cut back? How about testing the need for it instead, by fair means?

Admittedly it does need careful control (where possible) as we know there are abuses of 'the system', but in time of a severe cut-back, many - primarily children and young people - will suffer in the change-over. We are supposed to be an advanced nation but it seems we would prefer to vote in a government that would exert its power over the vulnerable instead of making the taxation system more fair,…