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Better That We Tighten Our Safety Jackets Now ...

Dear Reader,

Our financial wizard, our chancellor George Osborne, has been to Shanghai to represent his country at the G20 summit. He has been reported to be so concerned about the state of the world's economy that his first inclination is to apply more cuts in next month's budget.

The question I find difficult to find an answer for is that a layman like me could see the world's economy was stumbling many months ago - and there were those far more qualified than me who said the same. What did Osborne do in his November statement? He claimed that he could borrow on this country's growth in 2016 to cover shortfalls due to the opposition he faced on (particularly) Tax Credits.

Three months later his first inclination is to go back onto the right foot to apply cuts. 

This much lauded Chancellor has perpetually got his sums wrong since 2010 and also applied a policy that was far too stringent. Now he wants the general public to suffer more.

The latest set of damning inequality s…