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Shouldn't what is happening in Madaya drive us ... mad?!

Dear Reader,

Firstly, I wish you well for this year and always.

But secondly, and mainly, there is much room for concern - and hope - for what may transpire in 2016. Everywhere we hear of disaster and considerable suffering, and as if Climate Change and the world-wide flooding isn't enough, with terrorism and Daesh continuing to keep us occupied, we now have the news of the plight of 40,000 inhabitants of the Syrian village of Madaya in Syria. This village is under siege by allies of Sadat and its inhabitants are quietly dieing of hunger. They are surrounded by mines and also get shot if they try to leave. No-one - apparently - cares.

We in the west (particularly those that are already materially well endowed) seem convinced that these are all temporary issues that will pass over so that we can just get on with what we've always been doing - making money and trying to be better off than the rest.

Friends, that concept is one that should be consigned to the history books. The times…