Friday, 10 June 2016

The Big Picture - What Are We Being Led To?

Dear Reader,

My comment (last week) about how the main news channels seem to deliver superficial reporting led me into reading the results of some disturbing - and other elevating - investigations into what has really happened in the world over the last 15 years. Although I have been aware of a fair amount of it for some time, the scale of it now astonishes me.

Without wishing to sound like a doomsayer, I detect a certain feeling that the future of the world is coming to a head. How we are to get through the next few years, in my view, will be determined very much by how we come to see ourselves. "What are we really, physical or spirit?" is the leading question, as I see it, and I would suggest that the question can be answered individually by seeking to determine whether we allow ourselves to be controlled by fear.

An article I recently read partly addresses the matter in the following statement:
One of the central features of traditional societies, as outlined by the UN’s 2007 declaration of indigenous rights is ‘non dominance’ [of people or the environment]. Perception is too easily manoeuvred by knowledge that is an outcome of money and power, rather than veracity. Despite these power structures at play, our lives are not that different from one another. Each person experiences emotions, tensions, difficulties, in life, that we assume makes our reality unique, but is a slight but vital part of being human. Each day is not a step towards a doomed future, but a new opportunity, to let our perception, see our faults, as an opportunity for greater understanding of the world from which we emerged.
The part of the world I live in - in the West - can no longer be said to be a "traditional society", in my view, though it is the only form that we really know of, and are conditioned to. The way the Western countries are run uses (one way or another) a dominant approach, seen visibly when dealing with non-Western countries (e.g. seeing military action as being the first option in the Middle East), but more subtly in our own country, whether it is the UK or USA or other Western country. But it is the first two of these countries that, in my view, are masters in the art of dominance. Other European countries have not succumbed to bullying as much as the UK and the USA in my opinion. In fact Michael Moore’s comment (below) is interesting:
Where To Invade Next, which arrives in UK cinemas on Friday, argues for the United States to borrow social and political ideas from countries in Europe and North Africa.
In the film, Michael visits several countries including France and Portugal but not Britain.
He [Moore] said: “It was a conscious and purposeful decision to not go to the UK, with all due respect. We didn’t feel there was anything left to learn here, and you have given up on yourselves to such a degree.”
Moore also seems to be lost for words that we’re even thinking about breaking away from Europe.

The history of Western man has been of the warring and grabbing description for a long, long time, and that attitude was extended to the extraction of finite resources from the environment and also its pollution. There are a certain number that have got very rich by that process, and most of them (naturally perhaps) would not want to lose what they see as "earned wealth". But that dominating attitude has put the UK in the position where ordinary citizens are told that austerity is inevitable to pay off the nation's debts (and we are told this while the government mismanages the economy to only increase our indebtedness), while extremely wealthy people are not subject to such policies and experience none of the suffering that they have helped to create.

But, leaving domestic economic governance issues aside for now, there is the deeper matter of veracity and integrity. That is, do we really know what is going on in the 'bigger picture', and to what extent are we being led downriver.

Now I am a firm believer in the spirit; that whatever is to happen to me physically, I will survive in the spirit, so in one sense I am inured to the activities of the world. But I do wince at the suffering metered out to innocents in the process. And being of that philosophy, I do not allow myself to be "led downriver": it is as well, in my view, to not lose sight of the machinations of government that are at work, and the (often) sinister methods that are used.

There's a whole array of matters - both positive and questionable - that have been developing over the past century, details of which (UK and US) governments have managed to keep wholly or fairly secret, by means of deception and by technology. I'll not go into all of those: it's matters of government behaviour that concern me the most. 

Perhaps you are already in tune with the fact that there seems to be virtually irrefutable evidence that the 9/11 affair was stage-managed. If there is any doubt in your mind about that then please watch this erudite presentation. There are other presentations I could also point you too that are equally compelling: it is important to objectively select what is there.

But, on the same tack, the matter that has come as a complete shock to me concerns 7/7 (of 2005). It was more of a shock because this occurred (of course) in London, and I was one of so many that accepted the main media reportage at the time at face value. This presentation has changed my view.

And the revelation that 9/11 and 7/7 seem to be connected by a certain Israeli security company, ICTS (and, probably, other common links), puts a very different complexion on these deplorable attacks on innocents.

Further, a British man, Richard Hall, is very much worth following. He is very, very active in all manner of sound investigations. See this list on Youtube.

But all these revelations are just a severe reminder to me of the dangers of being simply absorbed by our everyday lives. Most of us probably live to do our best and materially work and gain as much as we can in this life (for our families' happiness), but forget that there is another side of ourselves to foster. Also we have a tendency to just let government do what it does, even though we don't like 'em!

Try reading Noam Chomsky on how much we have surrendered.

In not looking after the spirit side of ourselves we leave ourselves open to being manipulated and dominated by 'the system'. And a combination of 'the system' and our surrender of our own will over the last 30 years in particular has largely succeeded in taking away our conscious, real, selves. All this has been aided by media control and the electronic gadgetry that is now available in proliferation to keep us occupied.

Please heed this warning. The answer lies within each of us, as taught us by the great spiritual masters such as Jesus and the Buddha. Let us awaken!

Thank you for reading this.