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Does a Left-wing Lurch make you sea-sick?

The talk about a Labour Party lurch to the left if Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader is (to my mind) becoming a sickening spin that all (especially Tories and centre-ists)but the well-informed believe.

Commonsense and fairness is the basis of Corbyn's thinking, and his 10-point policy plan surely reveals that:
Growth not austerity – with a national investment bank to help create tomorrow's jobs and reduce the deficit fairly. Fair taxes for all.A lower welfare bill through investment and growthAction on climate changePublic ownership of railways and in the energy sectorDecent homes for all in public and private sectors by 2025 through a big house-building programme and controlling rents.A foreign policy that prioritises justice and assistance.Fully-funded NHS, integrated with social care, with an end to privatisation in health.Protection at work including an end to zero hours contractsEquality for all A life-long national education service for decent skills and opportunities, universa…