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A Time To Take Stock

Dear Reader,

The impact of COVID-19  is, clearly, enormous. Not only the unexpected loss of so many loved ones but also the economic impact, and also - I suggest - the psychological impact. I just wonder, therefore, how much more the psychological impact was when the 'flu pandemic of 100 years ago hit, and when millions were erased from the planet. Or the Black Death of 1348-49.

We have grown very much accustomed to thinking the over-comfortable thought that we humans had become virtually untouchable. We thought that science - medicine - had pretty well all health issues under control. Experts had thought over recent decades that a large pandemic could easily come our way, but we did not listen to that properly, just as we did not listen to the warnings about Climate Change and our over-dependence on fossil fuels.

The western world, in particular, has been on a trajectory of seemingly never-ending technological development and consequential economic growth. My own lifetime (since Wor…