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The British - An Island Race

It's amazing isn't it... Boat people being drowned by the hundreds, ISIL running amock in Iraq and Syria (and wanting to also get into Europe!) and the on-going and appalling Israel/Palestine situation - all originating because of Western interference without understanding longer term issues - and yet we Brits are worrying about the SNP. Or at least, the Tories say we should be worried about the SNP.

We're still an island race, aren't we?

With Labour and the Liberals also still behaving as they always have done since I can remember (60 years), isn't it time that we welcomed someone who has the rectitude to state it as it is? Yes, I agree Ms. Sturgeon has a certain programme of her own that she'd like us to take note of, but I do sense that she and her party have more of a One Nation feeling about them than certainly the Tories. If the Tories are so worried they should have tried harder to win their own seats in Scotland, I say.

John Major has just said that me…