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Time To Change Our Thinking

Dear Reader,

A new series of 'Dragon's Den' started on the Beeb last night. Now I happen to always watch this and have done so since soon after it first started around 16 or 17 years ago. And some 15 years ago I happened to be working for Theo Paphitis, one of the Den's early members, and had substantial contact with him.

Having earlier had my own small business and had many of the experiences that one encounters in trying to grow the business, I am interested in the people that come forward to obtain investment in 'the Den', and the dialogue that takes place.

But I now have to voice disappointment. And that disappointment is to to do with the fact that in this age of supposed 'Environment' awareness, there are so few product ideas coming forward on 'the Den' that are geared to improving the way in which we interact with Planet Earth, with Gaia. In fact, last night there were no products at all that were put forward to improving the Environment. In…