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Looking For A Proper Lift-off!

The controversy about Heathrow and HS2 trundles on.

But the matter must not reside simply according to the preferences of the MPs sitting in seats surrounding the airport. Boris Johnson was brave enough to look for an alternative on the east side, but perhaps there's another alternative. Not necessarily a total answer, but one that could partially solve this issue and also be an alternative answer to HS2.

The (partial) answer I propose is in VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing technology).

It's a little known fact that Britain was ahead of the world in the 1950s in this area of technology in relation to civilian use. Please look up Wiki for a description of the Fairey Rotodyne, which came close to success. Maybe now - 60 years on - the idea should be re-visited - there have been so many advances made in this time that I feel certain a concerted effort (and investment) should return results, at least for domestic and European tra…

Is this a true form of 'One Nation Politics'?

My articles these days may seem to indicate that I've become merely anti-Tory minded; the reader might also think that I've lost my sense of balance and reasonableness. But that's not really the case - I'm simply out for what's fair for all, and while the P.M. spouts about wanting a 'One Nation' approach, there is precious little policy emerging that seems to reflect that ideal.

Perhaps Cameron is busy watching what's going on in respect of G7 partying, ISIL and Greece and hasn't got time to look after domestic matters of importance? Whilst Cameron is looking east, perhaps his underlings are trying to capitalise on the space he's leaving them?

For example, the Energy Secretary (Amber Rudd) appeared on the BBC's Question Time last week and got away with saying that her party had been elected to effect their unchecked policies. I can recall that once upon a time a government with so low a majority and gaining only 24% of the vote would be mor…