Sunday, 31 March 2019

Becoming The Highest Expression Of Yourself

Dear Reader,

To ponder on:

People will become fed up with worldliness. They will have had enough of it and will realise that there is no point in being the way they are, because it brings them no real joy.

The world is becoming weary, and there is no real joy unless we have turned around to seek reality. Strains and stresses are everywhere. If it's not Brexit that is causing chaos, then it's something else, and the "something else" includes topics that I would say are of greater magnitude in importance (such as climate change), yet they have been pushed onto the back burner.

If you were to ask me, I'd say that Brexit (though an issue that has to be dealt with at some point) has been nothing but a huge distraction from more real issues. And if the main and underlying issues had been addressed, the topic of values with emphasis on love, the Brexit matter may have simply died a death as people would have come to see more about reality and not be hijacked onto a wave of thinking that has damagingly divided rather than unified, both within the UK and in Europe. I'll leave the USA out of this discussion though I feel that the issue in this post relates as much to that country as anywhere.

It's clear we cannot rely on our parliamentary representatives to steer a reasonable course, as they now claim that they are answerable only to the voters and what they say. Any notion of leadership by worthy example is tossed aside in favour of so-called 'democracy'. Here, 'democracy' has been taken to mean submission to the winning vote, regardless of whether or not the proper steps have been taken to advise the voters what the topic is really all about.

In my view the local and international issues that are now in front of us demand that we, each and collectively, look to re-assessing our situation in the world. If we do not do this - now - then how is the next generation, and the one after that, going to survive the outcome that we are in the act of creating through our own thoughtlessness and irresponsibility?

We have forgotten who and what we are. We have generally cast aside religion, but in the process have mostly forgotten to keep the worthwhile essence that religion promulgates. And that essence is related to the soul and what we are advised to do by great teachers in order to 'walk the walk' in life, in love. 

But the teachings of those "great teachers" are not something of the past up to 2,000 years ago. They relate just as much to today's world (if not more), and were teachings about how to spiritually evolve, partly in order to be able to deal with today's situations and provide a true basis for life on planet Earth; not just for mankind but for the whole of creation. Science by itself will not provide solutions. It's we, by our own self-development under God's auspices, that will provide us with the wisdom to seek true solutions, perhaps using science amongst an array of possibilities that should manifest themselves. And all it needs to push us into action is a genuine (not token) desire to find peace, not merely by hoping that someone else can 'do it'.

The following list of 16 traits that are said to be attained at the highest level of being may arouse your interest. Point 10, however, may take some while to get your head around it. The explanation for that and for all the points listed are to be found in a book that is given below these '16 points'. (Please click on the list of 16 points to see the list more clearly).

I think we should find that these 16 traits would be found as ideals in any of today's great religions.

The book I referred to that contains the "16 traits that are said to be attained at the highest level of being" is CWG book 4, sub-titled "Awaken The Species":

Following on from this, and to end this post, I very recently received this message from a senior person in 'Humanity's Team', an organisation that the writer of the above book (Neale Donald Walsch) founded quite a few years ago now.

I think the message is very pertinent to my post. It reads:
I think part of the reason trust seems to be harder to come by these days than ever before has to do with the fast-paced nature of our modern world, and the fact that for many of us, we rarely if ever spend a moment where something isn’t “coming at us,” so to speak.
Whether it’s someone talking to us or texting us, or our overflowing email inboxes, or news flashes, or advertisements for things that we’re told we have to have in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life, we hardly get a moment to ourselves to really tune in to who we are and what we really want and need.
In my email inbox alone each day, I receive upwards of 50 different emails begging me for donations, or trying to sell me various products and services, or trying to scare me with selective takes on the news, or trying to scam me into giving up my personal information.
Some of these emails are focused on causes I support, and others are from organizations I believe are genuinely trying to help people and do good in the world…
But many of them are obviously not coming from a place of compassion, caring and connection, and are sourced from places of scarcity, greed, hatred or fear—the darker side of human experience and behavior.
The worst outcome of this level of “information overwhelm” is that many people I’ve talked to have told me they often feel like they can’t even trust their own ability to tell the difference between the panaceas and the poisons anymore…
And while I’m not surprised, I believe there’s a way each of us can get to a place of clarity for ourselves that will help us navigate this fast-moving, confusing and overwhelming world.
It has to do with taking time each day to nurture our intuition, get in touch with our “gut,” and then share our clarity with others without hesitancy, apology or shame.
I think the best way of getting to that place of greater clarity is through our inner connection to the Oneness of all things, to God, or the Universe or whatever way of thinking about that foundational Source most resonates for you.
I encourage you to take time every chance you get (and hopefully for at least 15 minutes a day) to just be alone and centered and inside that Oneness, and to get in touch with how you honestly feel about others, and about the world around you, and about yourself and what you truly want and need.
Regularly spending a little time alone like this can go a long way toward allowing you to better know when you are hearing or reading something that is coming from the heart and that is being sourced from a place of compassion and caring.
It can also help you to quickly know whether the information being shared is of value to you or in alignment with what feels right and true for your worldview.
In your daily life, I also encourage you to be as honest as you can with others, and to not hold back or camouflage what you think or how you feel but to respond as directly and honestly as possible, even if what you are saying makes people a little uncomfortable or points out their own dishonesty or lack of clarity or their ignorance or their fear.
With the urgent issues facing our species at this point in history, there’s nothing to be gained from walking on eggshells all the time and being afraid to make waves.
If you see something that doesn’t feel right or okay to you, I encourage you to stand up and say so, even if it ruffles a few feathers.
While we live in a challenging world that seems to get more challenging every day, it doesn’t mean we have to acquiesce to it or be oppressed by it.

We can push back by being role models, by being honest and compassionate, and by caring as best we can for others, and for ourselves, and by standing up for what we believe is right. ... the only way we can “win” is if we all win, hand in hand, and in service to our Oneness.
The task of building for a new future is not an easy one. Sacrifice is demanded of us. But do we wish to stay where we are, getting further and further into a bog of our own creation, instead of finding the means to resurrect ourselves to be who we really are?

Thank you for reading this.