Saturday, 12 November 2016

Well, The Trump Card Has Been Well And Truly Played...

Dear Reader

Hello! And I hope you're adjusting to your world, wherever you may be. These past few months have produced some utterly surprising outcomes, not only throughout the world but here too, on my own patch.

You see, we did not - in the end - move house to anywhere. Yes, having declared that we were on our way, we had to reconsider owing to my wife's health. But we still plan to go once we've gone through all the health checks that have still to be made.

But I delayed writing a further article until the outcome of the US presidential election. For some reason, I had a doubt that Hilary would win even though she appeared (to me at least) to be by far the most qualified.

As far as the president-elect is concerned, I have heard little from him other than false promises. Already he has indicated a modification to his intentions on the so-called Obamacare plan, and many feel that it will be impossible for him to build the Mexican wall. On top of that, the very idea that he can somehow resurrect the US economy without also tackling climate change conditions must be the sign of a man in denial.

But, in some ways he sounds a better proposition than Clinton - particularly on the matter of the US attitude to overseas issues and staying out of other people's business. On that he sounds to me to have some commonsense.

The fact is, though, the American people seem to have elected a man in simply because they want a change. What kind of change they will actually get is beyond their comprehension I suspect - just as the people in the UK voted for change with Brexit without knowing the consequences. And still don't. And I suspect there will now be a chain reaction through Europe - in France, Germany and Catalonia. 

By the end of 2017 I see a world where people will be congratulating themselves for voting for change, but then will be shocked to see the result of their actions, as the result could well be anarchy. That's not to say that everything was going right without that vote. Not at all: the various governments and cartels had got many things wrong, and some form of change was necessary. But it's the manner of this change and just who is representing those for change that concerns me.

And it could well be that certain other things will transpire in 2017 that have so far been untalked of. I cannot clarify my meaning on that.

So, this is the start of a switchback ride that none of us can truly envision as to its end. Except that at some time - maybe in 10 or 15 years time - I firmly believe that the world will come to know Peace. At last. I cannot say more than that, but that is what I believe.

And Peace is what I wish for everyone.

Thank you for reading this.