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Could not 'the left' be ... right?

Jeremy Corbyn has confused his opponents and won the Labour Leadership contest by a very comfortable margin. 

Immediately afterwards, he was savaged by the Tories and even by some of his old Labour colleagues - in the Tory press! The Tories claim he is a threat to our national security and goodness knows what else. The Tories have cast aspersions on some of Corbyn's quotes ... mainly out of context.

The country is ... very sadly ... already divided. But divided not by Corbyn but by the Tory policies that have attacked the poorest and weakest in the country (except pensioners) under the guise of One Nation.

The natural purpose of life is not to feed the proceeds of the country's wealth towards the wealthy, but to distribute so that all may share prosperity. The ordinary person usually works just as hard as any big businessman (and certainly the bankers and traders), so why should he not be able to share - fairly - the nations' wealth, and be able to live happily without undue …