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Something Needs To Give

Dear Reader,

Following the recent and on-going unrest about George Floyd's killing and racialism in general, and the cause "Black Lives Matter",  there have been some members of other sectors of society who have responded "All Lives Matter". And isn't this a truism in every sense, because not only are there other people who have an equal right to protest (such as the disabled) but to arrive at a solution needs all society to come together to make all lives matter.

In other words, to distance ourselves from the "make money first" mentality. Yes, money is needed, but surely a balance can be achieved? I would have thought that the current virus experience should have helped to highlight that.

But perhaps we have needed the black protest to highlight the matter more. As pointed out in last week's article, it is only because darkness comes into focus that we see the light more clearly.

Clearly, we continue to operate with dimmed vision, as it has this …