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Looking For Sunshine

Dear Reader,

There is sunshine that transcends all the worst stories that continue to emanate from around the globe, but while that spiritual sunshine sustains the faithful one increasing worry is that the physical sunshine is often weak. At least in the United States and increasingly so in Europe.

Before I elaborate on that matter, let me take us back to the 1980s and one President Ronald Reagan, and, indeed, his friend on this side of the Atlantic, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

It was during that age that emphasis on both sides of The Pond began to be put on specialist 'Think Tanks' to come to conclusions about the state of the world and how to deal with the various problems that existed. We are now living through many of the repercussions of the advices of those Think Tanks, one of them being the development of the financial market as a more important industry to the extent that it has dominated (and nearly destroyed) the world's economy.

The time since the crash of 200…