Saturday, 2 April 2016

Looking For Sunshine

Dear Reader,

There is sunshine that transcends all the worst stories that continue to emanate from around the globe, but while that spiritual sunshine sustains the faithful one increasing worry is that the physical sunshine is often weak. At least in the United States and increasingly so in Europe.

Before I elaborate on that matter, let me take us back to the 1980s and one President Ronald Reagan, and, indeed, his friend on this side of the Atlantic, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

It was during that age that emphasis on both sides of The Pond began to be put on specialist 'Think Tanks' to come to conclusions about the state of the world and how to deal with the various problems that existed. We are now living through many of the repercussions of the advices of those Think Tanks, one of them being the development of the financial market as a more important industry to the extent that it has dominated (and nearly destroyed) the world's economy.

The time since the crash of 2008 has seen the banks being baled out with the loss of huge amounts of money. Where that money has gone is mysterious indeed and as bankers' bonuses continue to bulge we assume that the bale-outs have not gone where they were needed. There is a mind-set that believes the banks must be protected at all costs, yet it is the banks that have arguably created most of the financial problems we have faced.

Once upon a time, it was thought that a healthy economy was based on what was made: something concrete. Now, western economies seem to be heavily reliant on financial services.

It is ironic that at this very moment, when the British steel industry faces the possibility of complete closure, that our Prime Minister is unsure about pumping money into it, yet I feel certain if it was a bank that was in trouble, cash would be thrown at it - as has been the case in the recent past. Some bankers are apparently of the view that if money were to be thrown at the British steel industry it would be like throwing money into the furnaces, but has it been any different with the banks? Money seems to get lost there, too: possibly in some back office.

But with regard to Think Tanks it would seem that they are probably culpable for many of the governmental errors in the West over the past 30 years. In fact (apart from the matter of financial services) they seem to have caused lives to be put at risk on many issues. And, returning to the opening mention about sunshine, one of the greatest worries concerns 'chemtrails'.

We have been used to the sight of white trails in the sky that are left behind by over-flying aeroplanes as a result of their natural passage through the ether, but most people have probably not noticed that additional trails are often left of a different and potentially harmful character. The west coast of the United States has been particularly in the news on this matter, but attempts are made by authorities and the media to make the public think that the worry is all just part of a conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theory? Please read this, rather disturbing, report - just one of many: Click here. If you are inclined to think it's just a USA matter, then think again. Over recent years it's been happening over Europe as well.

This news is clearly one not to be taken lightly, and speaking of news, it would seem to be that we might be more circumspect about which news channels we should follow. I had noticed for some time that the depth of our BBC News and Newsnight seemed to have got more and more shallow, and very selective in its topics. For quite some time the al Jazeera and RT channels have received far more of my attention; what you get there is much closer to reality in my opinion. In particular, watch out for the RT programmes Underground and The Keizer Report.

However, if you wish to keep your natural, personal, sunshine, perhaps the news should be put aside and instead make a difference in the World. It is in need of you.

I'll let John Denver play us out.

Thanks for reading this.