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Are You In The CIA?

Dear Reader,

So, the UK has officially declared that Climate Change is an emergency. Trump must be choking on his coaldust!
Of course, declaring it to be such is one thing; actually tackling the issue with fervent commitment, and getting other countries to also comply, is quite another matter. The world needs to recognise where we are at because the problem is a world problem. As a country, we cannot tackle it just by ourselves and hope to achieve worthwhile results, but not to make greater efforts would simply be a huge folly.
As Albert Einstein once said: "...with every problem there's a solution [; it's] just a matter of taking action".
Einstein is entirely right. And what is so very important is that science is gradually coming to realise - at an increasing pace - that humans have an inner capacity to tackle so many issues that we did not know of. We are not meant to be here to idle away our time but to put ourselves about and, as Jesus is quoted as saying, "See…