Sunday, 5 May 2019

Are You In The CIA?

Dear Reader,

So, the UK has officially declared that Climate Change is an emergency. Trump must be choking on his coaldust!

Of course, declaring it to be such is one thing; actually tackling the issue with fervent commitment, and getting other countries to also comply, is quite another matter. The world needs to recognise where we are at because the problem is a world problem. As a country, we cannot tackle it just by ourselves and hope to achieve worthwhile results, but not to make greater efforts would simply be a huge folly.

As Albert Einstein once said: "...with every problem there's a solution [; it's] just a matter of taking action".

Einstein is entirely right. And what is so very important is that science is gradually coming to realise - at an increasing pace - that humans have an inner capacity to tackle so many issues that we did not know of. We are not meant to be here to idle away our time but to put ourselves about and, as Jesus is quoted as saying, "Seek and ye shalt find." That is, we can find within ourselves the link to the ultimate power that can cause us to open our eyes and find the skills and strength to do what needs to be done. Hence, Jesus also said, "The body is a temple".

A significant humanist named Gregg Braden, in his book "Resilience from the Heart", goes into great detail to explain how man can tap in to inner resources. In particular, he refers to the so-important heart-brain connection and actually states a simple "Quick Coherence Technique" identified by an organisation called the Heart Math Institute (click here)  to begin the process of activating effective heart-brain clarity. This approach can lead to greater resilience to extreme world changes (that have already started to be unleashed) as a result.

Braden also refers to other significant findings achieved by the Heart Math Institute in this direction. Braden also points out that it is only since the time of Leonardo da Vinci that man has put so much emphasis into mental activity, whereas formerly the great thinkers were those who saw the heart and the brain as working in close harmony. It makes me wonder just how many people have succumbed in modern times to psychiatry and other therapies in an attempt to get back to thinking in balance. I have known quite a few who have suffered as a result of their education and thinking being directed only through mental processes.

Now, I don't altogether prescribe to Braden's line of thinking as it seems to me that, though modern science has made a step forward, it still formally refuses to acknowledge a higher wisdom and ancient teachings that have already identified the issues that science is now uncovering. That and also how ancient wisdom is being interpreted is somewhat piecemeal rather than holistic. But I do believe that humans possess far more in their equipment than what is on the surface or in the cranium, and that the spiritual masters gave a formula as to how we can grow accordingly. The heart-brain connection is important for us to perform properly as human beings. Prayer is included in that, but there is much more to the notion of prayer than perhaps we realise.

Science also now knows that what we perceive as "space" in the universe is no such thing. That so-called "space" actually consists of energy, proving that everything in the universe is inter-linked. The ancients always knew this. Therefore, particularly when we undertake actions with pure motives and prayer, those actions are energised through unseen forces. To best achieve that we should enlist in CIA: in Constant Integrated Awareness!

Coming back to the matter of Climate Change, how we tackle this matter is going to be best achieved by utilising the latent human facilities known of by the ancients. And how we educate our children is a key factor in all that. Education should not be treated as a process to act as a fodder of beings to commerce, science and industry, but primarily as a process in values development. In fact, if the resolution to treat Climate Change as an urgent issue is a sincere one, we should firstly admit to ourselves that it is we who are primarily the cause of this situation and thus need to change ourselves before attempting anything else. Changing ourselves means to re-educate ourselves; to become members of CIA!

Only by putting the ego in its place and through working in harmony with the Creator will we achieve true success and overcome all potential disasters.

May Peace be with you! May Love rule!

Thank you for reading this.