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The Ways May Be Many...

Dear Reader,

In the previous article I wrote:
I saw the commonality of the essential message in all [spiritual] teachings, And then (some 18 years ago) something caused me to observe that, after all, the teachings of Jesus made sense: they fitted in to the teachings described elsewhere; that there was a common direction in which all people are going. All paths do, indeed, lead to the One God! ...The real issue  (as the old seers said) is to Know Thyself. That can really only come from daily practice, with the Love of God and the Love of Thy Neighbour, as the central themes, as well as spiritual study.It has also been said by a being far, far better and greater than me:
Religions are many but the goal is one; Jewels are many but gold is one; Stars are many but the sky is one; Cows are many but milk is one; Beings are many but breath is one; Nations are many but earth is one; Flowers are many but worship is one.That is, Unity out of Multiplicity is key to true spiritual understanding.

And i…