Sunday, 12 November 2017

It Could Be That 2018 Will Be The Crunch Year

Dear Reader,

Hello again. The past 3 months or more have been taken up with so many important things that something had to give way. So this blog had to give way. In future, I will try to post at least once a month rather than weekly.

I have been doing a kind of bird's-eye review of what's been happening these past 3+ months, and what I see is more of the same, if not worse! Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the other day he felt that the Brexit matter would come to a climax by the middle of next year (2018), and he thought that it would not be the result that the leavers hoped for. 

But I see not just that but many other issues coming to a climax as well - notably the viability of the western system of economy. The Church of England's chief primate (Justin Welby) has said that the western economic model is "broken". And I well believe him, especially as the very rich get very much richer while the poorest are more squeezed than ever before. What has happened to our so-called Christian morality?

Indeed one reality appears to be that one-third of all English land is still owned by the families who acquired it at the time of the Norman conquest, 950 years ago!

And our prisons have not only become over-packed but are proving to be unmanageable. Will most of the inmates be improved citizens when they go back into society? No, sir; they will have learnt more about the darker side of life within the prison walls than they would ever have learnt outside them. UK society is being driven asunder by a huge wedge.

Though it's not wise or correct to blame all that's happening on Maggie Thatcher, she once did say that "If the State wishes to spend more it can do so only by borrowing or by taxing more. It is no good thinking that someone else will pay - that someone else is you." Now that kind of rhetoric made some 40 years ago has had a big impact on the country since to the extent that the old concept of a safety net for those genuinely in need has been more and more eroded while the Tory Party has been in power. And one example is that while private rents are leaping up by bounds as a result of the lack of housing availability, those that depend on local council support to pay those rents (which support is currently frozen) find themselves getting more and more into a poverty trap. Even the elderly and infirm may well be made homeless before long.

That year of 2018 seems more and more likely to be a climax year in so many ways. And towards more suffering by those without the means to do anything about their plight.

And how about our government leaders? They seem more concerned about their individual welfare and ambitions than anything else as the resignation trickle continues.

Our system of values really do need re-addressing. Our sense of what is really important seems to have been eroded. Are we alive just to make money and see our children better off? Is that really what life is all about as the detritus resulting from decades of waste pollutes the seas and the beaches? And the fish.

Maggie Thatcher, you really should have spent more time thinking and talking about those issues. Or did you listen only to your academic advisers and not to common-sense?

Economic growth only leads to a growth in waste and the killing of the natural world.

Thank you for reading this.