The Reaction

Watching the Beeb's 'Question Time' last night brought it home to me how many voters think they have been sold down river into this coalition. 'We didn't vote for this!', they cried. But they did (vote for that) because that's how the voting came out.

Because of history, and the fact that the Liberals have never been good bed-fellows with the Tories, the current situation does not look appetising, but we all just have to swallow our indignation and let us see what transpires. Yes, I think there is a case for saying that the Liberals have been used and that their participation in the end will count for nothing except serving the Tory cause. But ... some coalition had to come out of the electors' muddle, and this is it. We've got it.

Malcolm Heseltine, however, made it painfully clear that in 12 months time the (his) new government would not be popular because of the 'difficult' decisions it is about to make. If such 'difficult' decsions include swingeing job cuts in the public services, will the acceptance of the Liberals no-tax under £10k policy be seen as part of the cause for such 'difficult' decisions?

It could just be that in a year or two, Gordon Brown's departure might be seen as premature. He understands the ordinary voter (draped in delusions of grandeur that they might be) as opposed to a privileged new joint leadership that does not know the meaning of difficulty in the home.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world still exists, and the rest of the world - both in terms of populations and the environment - is not in a happy state. When it comes down to it we do need a new kind of politics, but one that is still a long way removed from that envisaged by the privileged Cam-Clegg duo.

The government's reduction of a mere 5% off cabinet salaries (of over £100k each) shows where their minds and hearts still are. Greed is still rampant, no matter how it is disguised.


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