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What Would Koko Say To This?

Dear Reader,

On TV the other night a bizarre situation occurred. 

I had been watching a BBC report on the terrible conditions at Madaya, and after some time decided to switch to al Jazeera to see their take on the matter. In fact, al Jazeerawas not transmitting a news programme but a documentary on new technology - mostly about AI (artificial intelligence). 

On the al Jazeera programme they were talking about how the new technologies were going to revolutionise matters - that we would see so much more in the form of robotics and self-drive cars etc. etc. But, yes, the introduction of all that would cost jobs. But, hey, they said, that's all happened before as technology has progressed.

Now, don't you find all that bizarre? That we know full well that half the inhabitants of the world are suffering in the most alarming way and yet we have people suggesting that the new technologies are going to be the answer to everything. Er, are self-drive cars going to relieve the world's su…