Saturday, 19 November 2016

Headless Chickens Need To Be Given A Direction

Dear Reader,

Do you get the impression that previously respected world powers now have their heads of government running around like headless chickens? Well, that's my impression anyway.

Our own Prime Minister May met Chancellor Merkel yesterday with both ladies all smiles ... and later parted with facial expressions showing clear division between the two. Brexit has caused a stir and no mistake, with our Tories thinking that the Great in Great Britain still means as much as it did 60 years ago. But we made a mess in the campaign against President Nasser of Egypt over the Suez Canal in 1956 (incurring sanction from the US) and then President de Gaulle put a stop to Brtish pride. I don't think we've learnt from those lessons. At least Prime Minister Wilson refused to join in with the US over Vietnam, but Wilson wasn't Tory, was he? Ahem, but Tony Blair wasn't Tory either (in theory), so his international ventures need a bit of explaining.

This year, however, we have experienced the rise of popularism - with Brexit and now Trump - but the poor people who understandably got fed up with the faire offered by their governments have been sold downriver. In both of the populist outcomes the people were downright misled by those who should know better, and the water now becomes murkier as people are wanting to know what's going on. And with the French and German elections looming I feel that the water will become even murkier.

What will the people do when the waters become more polluted? I would say they will get more angry ... and the anger will only create chaos  ... and, potentially, harm.

So it is surely time for man to think more about what he and his immediate circle can do about the plight of the world, for there is a way through it all. The way is not strictly a political way, though, as people have forgotten that politics is only a tool by which to go in a certain direction. To have meaning, that tool must work from a base of values, but the materialist base that we have created clearly no longer works.

So let us look at a prescription of positive thought delivered by a guru of amazing perspicacity - Sri Sathya Sai Baba - in the year 2000:
Today the food you eat, water you drink and air you inhale are all polluted. People themselves are highly polluted because their minds are filled with negative feelings and worldly desires. No doubt, you can have desires, but they should be under limits. Many human hearts are a den of evil qualities like anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, pomp and show. Love alone can drive away these negative qualities. Desire, anger, greed, jealousy, etc., arise only out of body attachment and improper food habits. So control your attachment and desires. The letters that you write will appear blue when the pen is filled with blue ink and red when it is filled with red ink. Similarly all that you see, hear and say will be negative if your heart has negative feelings. Hence fill your heart with love. Then all that you see, hear, say and do will be suffused with love and you will experience a world suffused with love.
Don't you think that this doctrine has extra meaning today, sixteen years since it was stated, having experienced what we have since 9/11 (2001)?

I read with great interest an article that appeared in one of today's UK newspapers, by an American doctor who had an out-of-body experience while undergoing surgery. He received a message whilst in the out-of-body state, which was to the effect that the basis of the universe is suffused with love, and that is the single value we should be living by. That doctor has now completely re-shaped his lifestyle and moved from mass production health working to a people-centred and holistically-based healing centre.

Doesn't it make you think?