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Emerging From Fog

Dear Reader,
There are sometimes when I sit and reflect, and say to myself, "What else is there to write about?". And I don't write if what I'm thinking on is mere repetition or if I feel that it lacks sincerity or meaning. And external matters sometimes take their toll a little, and knock me off balance. Well, I sometimes allow them to knock me off balance as falling off your soapbox can bring you down to earth.
So in the last few weeks I feel that I have been living in some kind of fog; a definite feeling of a lack of clarity when it comes to wielding the pen, though Brexit has not helped in this world of mystification! And I am only coming awake again as a result of reading a certain book on Friendship With God, and also by being moved by other writers' feelings on important issues of life.
This powerful essay evokes reminders of how innately self-equipped we are, and this trite summary from the essay encapsulates a reminder of that:
Technologies themselves did no…