Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Emerging From Fog

Dear Reader,

There are sometimes when I sit and reflect, and say to myself, "What else is there to write about?". And I don't write if what I'm thinking on is mere repetition or if I feel that it lacks sincerity or meaning. And external matters sometimes take their toll a little, and knock me off balance. Well, I sometimes allow them to knock me off balance as falling off your soapbox can bring you down to earth.

So in the last few weeks I feel that I have been living in some kind of fog; a definite feeling of a lack of clarity when it comes to wielding the pen, though Brexit has not helped in this world of mystification! And I am only coming awake again as a result of reading a certain book on Friendship With God, and also by being moved by other writers' feelings on important issues of life.

This powerful essay evokes reminders of how innately self-equipped we are, and this trite summary from the essay encapsulates a reminder of that:

Technologies themselves did not lead us astray, but our impulse to develop, adopt, and rely on them mirrors a slow wandering away from the receptive centers of ourselves. ...
... each of us is capable of picking up signals that even the most powerful GPS could never detect. And we do, all of us, moment by passing moment. How ironic that we’ve designed wayfinding instruments and climate-controlled environments that shut out the many forces that are there, waiting to guide us. Humidity, vibration, shadows, birdsong—they reach out to us in every moment, silently imploring us to remember that we are—all of us, always—life responding to life.
These words might help us to recall that despite all our cerebral effort to achieve a living, and/or perhaps to help determine how to sort out the world's problems, reality is based on our sensory perception of what is around us. Life does not successfully proceed purely according to what intellectual ideas we might try to construct on what is the way forward, despite what our educational system states, and which lacks wisdom-teaching. The decision to go to war with Iraq with no endgame planned for, and regardless of the amount of suffering inflicted, is a case in point. The decision to create energy from fracking is another, but there are many more illustrations of this kind. The former of these left a deep scar and brought about an ugly response in kind, and the second is in danger of also creating a deep scar, but in a different form. And the volcanic eruptions continue apace, showing how sensitive Mother Earth is to how we are treating her. Our great Mother vividly demonstrates that she has a great amount of sensory perception.

We have become almost inured to what is around us because we have drifted away from our true selves in our reliance on technology and material living. Another writer says: "Grief and friends, time and tears will heal you to some extent. Tears will bathe and baptize and hydrate and moisturize you and the ground on which you walk.", and I'll go with that as those experiences will bring you back closer to who you really are. But if you want to bring yourself to a more lasting happy state of mind, then a Friendship With God is necessary. Imperative, in fact, if we would but know and make the effort to understand what is our true reality.

I wish you well.

Thank you for reading this.